List of Essential Baking Tools and Equipment (and Uses).

Everyone loves cake and baking can fun when you have the right tools and equipment to use. Here are list of essential tools and equipment you will need in order to start and enjoy baking in your house.

  • Measuring Tools: Spoons, Bowls and Cups or Jugs. Measurement is very important in baking and using the right tools . The cups or jugs are use to measure liquid like milk and water to be added to your recipe. Measuring spoons can be in metals or plastics and they are also used to measure either liquid or dry ingredients. Ensure you check the whole set of your measuring spoons and cups before baking. Mixing bowls is important to pour, mix your dry and wet ingredients but all ingredients must be weighted separately before combining together.
  • Scale: A simple scale is recommended to weight your baking ingredient like flour, sugar , nuts and other recipe.
  • Baking Pans: Cake tins are available in different sizes and shapes, I will recommend you start with a small cake tin (round 6 or 8 inches).
  • Sifter: It is very important to have a sifter. I will strongly encourage you to sift all your dry ingredient like flour, sugar, cocoa powder and also wet ingredient before baking to remove lumps.
  • Parchment paper : Parchment paper can be use for different things for example to line your cake tins to prevent fruit cake sticking, for making piping bags, storing baked cookies or fruit cake , can be use as templates and many more things.
  • Palette Knife: They are available in different sizes and shapes. Palette knife is use to spread buttercream onto and round cake. It can also be use to spread jam fillings.
  • Plastic Spatula: It is use for smoothing and mixing out your batter in the mixing bowl. It is also use for mixing your icing especially when applying food colouring or buttercream.
  • Whisk:They are available in different shapes and sizes, Balloon and Narrower whisks. A balloon whisk is best used when mixing a lot of batter while the narrower whisk is used when making curds in pots.
  • Hand Mixer: You can start small by using hand mixer before purchasing an expensive stand up mixer. Once you start making cakes or cupcakes more frequently then you can invest in one.
  • Non – Stick Rolling Pin: They are available in different sizes. I will highly recommend you to get the non-stick rolling pin. It is use to roll out sugar paste to cover your cake and decorate cakes.
  • Small, Sharp non- serrated knife and Bread Knife: It is use to trim off excess sugar paste while covering your cake. You can set aside a bread knife for cakes. The bread knife is also use to trim off the burnt part of your cake and to level cake before filling with buttercream.

How To Make Edible Glue

Instruction on how to make edible glue with Tylose powder.

  • Put 1/4 teaspoon of tylose powder in a small bowl
  • Then add 50ml of warm water into the the small bowl and stir with fork break up the tylose powder lumps.
  • Cover and put the mixture in the fridge overnight
  • You find a clear thick glue ready to be used .
  • If find too thick or require thinner, you can add water and mix in well.
  • You buy your Tylose powder 50g (£3.55) from our online shop


Tylose powder is an important ingredient in cake decoration and is used to make different things like modelling paste, flowerpaste and also an edible glue. It is also referred to as CMC Powder or Super Gum and CMC Gum, and the technical name Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Gum. it is available in 25g, 50g, 80g & 120g. Tylose powder 50g (£3.55) is available from our online shop